/kɔ̃tʁsjɛl/ Contre-ciel
Playful installation (2017)

Biennale Nemo (France)
Micro-Folie (France)
Théâtre de Corbeil (France)
Forum des Images (France)
MJC André Malraux (France)
Château Éphémère (France)
Un Singe en Hiver (France)
Plan B (Ukraine)
Playtopia (South Africa)
Utopiales (France)
Espace Caussimon (France)
Shadok (France)

Contre-ciel is a playful installation based on an electronic keyboard and an artificial sky framed in moldings, hanging from the ceiling. As players interact with the piano, they alter the weather, the night and day cycle, and the celestial bodies visible through the window. The players are invited to explore the cryptic grammar of interaction making these changes possible. By exploring this voluntarily mysterious Rosetta stone, they can understand and master how to travel through the space and time of this virtual world.

Designed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos
Built and developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet