/blækbɒks/ BLACKBOX
Alternative controller game (2014)

Carrefour Numérique² (France)
Micro-Folie (France)
Bord'osmose (France)
Stereolux (France)
Puzzle (France)
Paradigm EAF (Scotland)
FEFFS (France)
Arcadia (Scotland)
Victoria and Albert Museum (England)
Custom Lane (Scotland)
Games Are For Everyone (Scotland)
A MAZE. Pop Up (UAE)
Pete the Monkey (France)
Demo Night #3 (France)
Culture Experience Days (France)
Clujotronic (Romania)
Random Bazar (France)
Cité des Sciences (France)

BLACKBOX is a rhythm and memory game based on a unique controller: a black truncated pyramid featuring five big arcade buttons on each of its visible side. This special gamepad is designed, not for comfort nor to optimize its usability, but to provide a percussive experience made possible thanks to the controller's shape.

Designed, built & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet
Graphics by Victoria Denys
Music by Burnlee & Main Ingredient
Exhibited all across the UK thanks to We Throw Switches