/ɛ̃.takt/ (in)tact
Installation-toy & performance (2016)

Le Cube (France)
Horizons Numériques (France)

(in)tact is a playful performance inside an interactive installation including lights, sound, dancers and an interactive handmade sky. The audience is invited to excite the sky and thus change its local state by touching suspended electronic clouds. These local stimulations lead to global modifications of the weather, based on different combinations to discover. Players are guided during their exploration by two dancers - agents of a system giving them constraints to perform. Dancers have a pool of moves to performed depending players' behaviors, sort of predetermined scripts, like living NPCs.

Designed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & K.Danse
Built & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos, Guillaume Noisette, K.Danse
Performed by Marianne Masson, Mario Garcia Saez & Pauline Lavergne
Made possible thanks to Olivier Drouet, Horizons Numériques & Le Cube