/izɔkʁɔn/ isochrone
Alternative controller game (2013)

Puzzle (France)
Shadok (France)
Protoplay (Scotland)
Art Council (England)
MAKE STUFF (England)
Warp Festival (England)
Test Card (England)
Geekopolis (France)

Isochrone is a game of synchronization and coordination for a single player or two players in cooperation. The game is played with a simple alternative controller shaped as a box featuring four buttons: a black one, a white one, a black one with a white outline and a white one with a black outline. On a screen, four 2D nested geometries are displayed. A dot is automatically moving along each line. Dots and buttons are visually related. Pressing a button will else speed up or slow down its related dot, depending on its position. Dots on the smallest shapes can be decelerated while dots on the widest shapes can be accelerated. As a dot is progressing on its line, it crosses black points. Each point triggers the playing of a note from the famous music piece Piano Phase by Steve Reich. Players' goal is to sync the dots' races to harmonize the original cacophony and rephase the music.

Designed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos
Developed by Olivier Drouet
Made possible thanks to Leon Denise
Exhibited all across the UK thanks to Awkward Arcade