\nɥe\ nuée
Alternative controller game (2015)

Cité des Sciences (France)

Nuée is a competitive strategy game for 2 players, playable on a dedicated tangible installation. The players are at the head of a swarm of entities responding to group behaviors like schools of fish. These entities are Boids (contraction of bird-oid), a computer program of artificial life, developed by the American computer scientist and graphic designer Craig W. Reynolds in 1986, simulating the behavior of a flock of birds in flight. Like many artificial life simulations, the Boids program allows you to model emerging behavior. Indeed, behavioral complexity here results from the interaction of individual agents (boids) respecting a limited number of simple rules. In Nuée, there are six rules: three regulating general dynamics, three regulating those between species. Each behavior can be configured using a dedicated controller featuring different potentiometers. Nuée is therefore a strategy game with an exclusively indirect control.

Designed & built by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos
Developed by Olivier Drouet
A research project made in partnership with Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires