/dɛdˈpɪksəlzskwɛɚd/ deadpixels²
Playful installation (2017)

Maison des cultures et des arts (France)
Forum des Images (France)
Centre culturel des Prés du Roy (France)
Le Cube (France)
Clujotronic (Romania)
Maker Faire (France)
Puzzle (France)
Shadok (France)

deadPixels² is a competitive and cooperative game for 2 to 8 players. Each player is provided with a standard gamepad to move their squared avatars on a virgin canvas. By doing so, the player can paint the background with his team's color. When a closed shape is drawn, it automatically fills itself with color. Mixed colors produce black dead pixels, an irreversible state. Game ends after ninety-nine seconds or when the white matrix is full of colors. Team with the more covered areas wins the game. This emergent gameplay aims to provide both a tactical and creative playful experience. The game is projected on a real canvas fixed on an easel and usually exhibited alongside L'Atlas des matrices.

Designed, built & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet