Keyboard Landscaper

/ˈkibɔɹd ˈlænd.skeɪp.ə/ keyboard landscaper
Video game (2020)

Micro-Folie (France)
Playing Narratives x A MAZE. (Serbia)
Indie Maker Syndicate (USA)

Embark on a captivating musical and visual journey with Keyboard Landscaper. Inspired by the innovative work of Japanese artists Toshio Iwai and Yu Nishibori on their Tenori-on, this interactive toy transforms your keyboard into a mesmerizing tone matrix. Within 5 by 8 grids made from your keys, each key becomes a trigger for unique sounds, while the rows allow you to program eight beats in advance. As you compose your symphony, an oil painting comes to life, with the choice of key altering the represented biome and the notes played nurturing variable local flora. In the final bars, the pictorial work determines the fauna that gracefully inhabits this once-virgin decor, completing the synesthetic experience.

Designed & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet