Print Screen Fest - Holon, Israel (april / may 2014)

NotGames Fest's Playground - Cologne, Germany (august 2013)

Lacci is an exploratory experience with a subjective view. Lost in an unstructured maze, the interactor should attempt to identify landmarks to progress. Inspired by optical kinetic art, the aspect of the environment creates the disorientation because of spatial perception. By the gradual disappearance of some references allowing the player to understand the space at the beginning of the experience, the navigation in the maze is becoming more and more confused until the space becomes devoided of any reference. This trip is carried by a melody in the manner of a music video.

Lacci is a three-dimensional digital maze playable on a computer. The navigation, with a subjective view, is done by pressing the arrow keys of a keyboard and by moving a mouse. The environment is made of a checkerboard pattern outlining the structure. This reference pattern gradually fades, thereby creating a disorientation. A music temporally limits the exploration.

Lacci was created during the last Pageant, an online event bringing together different game developers self-named the Super Friendship Club. This event was intended to foster creativity by offering selected topics. In August 2012, the period of creation of Lacci, the selected theme was "ritual". The project was then improved to its exhibition at the NotGames Fest 2013.

MechBird     MechBird     MechBird     MechBird

MechBird     MechBird     MechBird     MechBird

Design, graphics and development: Tatiana Vilela

Music: Stephan Siebert

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