Exhibitions :

FEFFS / Shadok - Strasbourg, France (september 2017)

GamesAreForEveryone - Edinburgh, Scotland (april 2017)

A MAZE. Pop Up - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (september 2016)

Pete the Monkey - Saint-Aubin-Sur-Mer, France (july 2016)

Demo Night #3 - Paris, France (april 2016)

Culture Experience Days - Paris, France (march 2016)

Clujotronic - Cluj-Napoca, Romania (september 2015)

Random Bazar - Paris, France (may 2015)

Homo Numericus Ludens - Paris, France (january 2015)

BLACKBOX is a game-installation based on a program and a tangible dedicated interface.
This black mass-dyed wooden box, has a colored push-button on each side.
Cradle of many playful and musical experimentations, BLACKBOX offers different variations around sound and visual rythm and patterns.

MechBird MechBird MechBird MechBird

Design, building & electronics : Tatiana Vilela

Design & development : Olivier Drouet

Graphics : Victoria Denys

Music : Burnlee (Marc Bellêtre) & Main Ingredient (Gavin Fort & James Rutherford)

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