Exhibitions :

EIGD - Montreuil, France (november 2014)

A MAZE - Johannesburg, South Africa (september 2014)

MakerFaire - Paris, France (june 2014)

w00t - Copenhagen, Denmark (may 2014)

A MAZE - Berlin, Germany (april 2014)

Zoo Machines Festival - Lille, France (november 2013)

Distinction :

EIGD's Originality Award (2014)

Nomination for EIGD's Innovation Award (2014)

Double Maker of Merit (2014)

Adsono is a playful device with five lighted buttons strapped to the bodies of two players.
The players' goal is simple: hold down simultaneously all the lit buttons.
This childish principle gives rise to a complex mixing of the bodies.

MechBird MechBird MechBird MechBird

Design, electronics, sound and music : Tatiana Vilela

Development : Guillaume Noisette

Thanks for their support : Jonathan Penot, Jonathan Rebillard from l'ElectroLab, Le Petit FabLab de Paris, Simon Denise, Léon Denise & Anton Roy

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