/blækbɒks/ BLACKBOX
Alternative controller game (2014)

Bord'osmose (France)
Stereolux (France)
Puzzle (France)
Paradigm EAF (Scotland)
FEFFS (France)
Arcadia (Scotland)
Victoria and Albert Museum (England)
Custom Lane (Scotland)
Games Are For Everyone (Scotland)
A MAZE. Pop Up (UAE)
Pete the Monkey (France)
Demo Night #3 (France)
Culture Experience Days (France)
Clujotronic (Romania)
Random Bazar (France)
Cité des Sciences (France)

BLACKBOX is a rhythm and memory game based on a unique controller: a black truncated pyramid featuring five big arcade buttons on each of its visible side. This special gamepad is designed, not for comfort nor to optimize its usability, but to provide a percussive experience made possible thanks to the controller's shape.

Designed, built & developed by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos & Olivier Drouet
Graphics by Victoria Denys
Music by Burnlee & Main Ingredient
Exhibited all across the UK thanks to We Throw Switches